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Chapter One: The Dreamer & The Dreamed

Casia Minohr The Realm Ethereal

Casia Minohr is a woman with a dream: to travel the stars and explore the universe. In a time where only the lucky and the few can even hope to travel among the stars, Casia is about to embark on an adventure that takes her beyond the universe and literally into her own dreams.

“The Dreamer & The Dreamed” is the first chapter in a series of stories and accompanying art that explore The Realm Ethereal. Best described as a cosmic fantasy adventure, The Realm Ethereal updates with new story pages exclusively on this website. Click here to read the previously released pages.

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The Realm Ethereal page 16 story art
Chapter One: The Dreamer and the Dreamed [page 16] • Story & art by Rene Arreola
Realm Ethereal Intro Story cover

The Realm Ethereal is a cosmic fantasy adventure story that first came to life in what is known as the “Intro Story”. Initially, this Intro Story started out as a vertical, scrolling type format. It is now in full color and has been reformatted to be in a reader-spread, printed comic book format. You can read online or download for free this story by clicking the button below.

"King Baldor - Into the Cosmos"

Size: 17" x 22"

Limited to 100 prints • Printed in-studio by the artist • Signed and numbered




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