Creating Fantasy Art for The Realm Ethereal

The Realm Ethereal original character sketches

On a practical level, The Realm Ethereal is a concept partially describing the state in which I find myself more and more interested in when it comes to creating my personal art. That state has to do with my creating and owning the art I make. This naturally extends to myself being my own gatekeeper on the creative vision of this brand.

In the long run, we as artists are our own brand. I’ve been drawing with some form of intent probably since I was about 9 or 10 years old. This is due to having discovered comic books at that age. Using comic books as the spring board to draw when I was a child is the reason I draw and paint today. I still have the comic books I made from when I was a child. I’ve worked a few freelance projects here and there, but I’ve always felt it is important for me to work on my own personal projects. After all, some of the most fun I’ve ever had was creating my own art and stories when I was kid drawing on ruled binder paper or white typing paper.

I think what I enjoy most about creating The Realm Ethereal is the free reign I allow myself. This ethereal realm exists in my mind’s eye and so I get to form, shape, draw, tear down, reshape, redraw to my heart’s content. This is nothing new, really. Call it “creator-owned” or “self published”, the end result is the same: creating stories and art that get me excited about sharing it with others and being able to sustain itself, both emotionally and financially.

Creating a body of work such as I have been with this ongoing project requires both a physical and emotional investment. While the energy spent is tremendous fun, it takes a good deal of time and focused effort to achieve the desired results. Those results involve creating kick-ass artwork, a cohesive storyline (coming soon!) and all the actual “butt-time” required to make these things fly. “Butt-time” equals sitting at the drawing table, putting in the hours needed. Emotionally, I have to be able to focus on the craft of the art but persevere even on days when I don’t feel like drawing or painting. “Finished”, not “perfect” is a new mantra when it comes to working on this personal, ongoing project.

As a start, creating fantasy art for The Realm Ethereal means focusing on ideas only I can define because they exist as an extension of both my conscious and subconscious. The goal is to take these “ethereal” ideas and birth them into the real world where they can exist in a tangible form. Creating a community around this world and to be able to create interesting, honest work that engages is my hope for The Realm Ethereal.


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