Painting A Humming Bird

The last thing I expected to include in the painting “Ena, Ethereal Reveal” was a humming bird. In fact, in my very first sketch, I wanted to paint frogs. Frogs? Yeah, that idea pretty much came from out of left field. And while the last thing I expected to paint lately was a humming bird, I couldn’t help but notice that the last four paintings prior to Ena, Ethereal Reveal. Each painting below includes some kind of flying creature. From left to right below, I have falcons, a dragon, butterflies and an eagle.

Ena Ethereal Reveal fantasy artThe idea of flight and “spreading my wings” has been the major theme in my life so far in 2019. This is the first time I have really taken the leap to pursue making art full-time. This year has been a great year of exploring my own characters in a universe I am creating called The Realm Ethereal. By coming up with my own designs and worlds, I continue to push myself to make art consistently. And as can be seen, I have consistently been adding creatures of flight in my latest works.

Today’s post is going to be mostly taken up by the video shown here. The video captures me working on the drawing on the grayscale painting phase of the humming bird in the Ena, Ethereal Reveal painting. Be warned, this video is over an hour long but it does capture me from start to finish on painting the humming bird, using photo reference.

So, if you’ve got about an hour and fifteen minutes to spare, feel free to watch. Or, if you feel like listening to me talk about my art methods, show which digital brushes I like to use in Procreate, and listen to my cat begging to be let out at about 4:12 into the video, then by all means click play.

The Realm Ethereal was created by me, Rene Arreola. I am an artist who draws and paints fantastic imagery in the style of imaginative realism. My interest in making art lies at the intersection of character design and creation while owning my art and intellectual properties.

On top of all that, I really just enjoy playing with colors in a painting while paying homage the superhero comic books I read as a child. That’s why my fantasy art illustration will always have some kind of look to it that draws from and is inspired by superhero comic books.


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