Rene Arreola Art Book One - Print Edition


Rene Arreola Art Book One collects artwork from my sketchbooks as well as full black and white ink drawings. It features both new work and older drawings and sketches. A collection of both loose ink and pencil drawings and finished pencil and ink art work, this 64 page edition comes signed and with a sketch on the outside back cover!

Order this book and you get to take a look at my ideas as well as drawing and sketches for upcoming art to be featured under The Realm Ethereal brand.
By purchasing one of these books, it helps to support the work I create as an artist. You will forever have my gratitude for your support!

Book Details:
• 64 pages
• Black and white
• Soft Cover, saddle stitched
• 8″ x 10.5″
• Ships with bag and board
• Signed along with an original, small sketch on the back cover

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Each book comes signed by Rene along with a small, original sketch drawn on the back cover!

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