Tales from The Realm Ethereal: The Princess and The Barbarian

The Realm Ethereal is the story of The Ethereals and the realm which they oversee. This includes Metaterrans, Ethereal Guards, and other creations that have yet to even appear. But The Realm Ethereal is also a place for me to feature other stories I’ve created over the years.

I have, by and large, always been focused on producing creator-owned content. This yarn here is no different. The artwork shown here was drawn somewhere between 15 and 20 years ago. It was only recently colored sometime in the last four years, which was when I also wrote the accompanying story.

The truth is, this was supposed to be a Conan The Barbarian sample. But I don’t think I ever got around to submitting it. Back then, I would have submitted it to Dark Horse Comics. Nowadays, as of this blog post, Marvel-Disney own the license to produce the character created by Robert E Howard.  I think what ended up happening was I liked the art so much when I completed it, that I wanted to use it for something original.

So here we are today, 2019, and I’m releasing this story as “The Princess and The Barbarian”. The artwork in this story is only pencil art; I never inked it. It was colored digitally in Photoshop then lettered with Illustrator. As for the story, the plot was basically what you see in these four pages. Really, I think you can tell what is going on even if you didn’t have the dialogue.

But, these are comics and a story in bubbles with pointer tails is what it’s all about. As for the characters, setting, and story itself, since it’s all creator-owned (owned by me), I like being able to claim it for The Realm Ethereal, even though I drew this story 15-20 years ago. This is what I enjoy most about creating my own characters and owning the stories. I’m able to reuse them or reintroduce them into another story or universe landscape. Because what that means is I can keep using what I’ve already created and give it new life. In this case, new life many years after it was conceived.

So this is really just a little glimpse into another aspect of The Realm Ethereal. A little something I like to call “Tales of The Realm Ethereal.” It’s designed to give my flexibility to shift things around, bring my previously never-seen artwork into a new light, and also build more characters into this universe I am creating. And that’s FUN!

The Princess and The Barbarian


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