The Dreamer and The Dreamed 1 [10]

Welcome to the new and improved “The Realm Ethereal”. My plans moving forward in this series is to keep the artwork black and white. No color (for the foreseeable future.) Why?

A couple of reasons:

Turnaround time. I have never really been a comic book colorist, per se. I have always added color on some of the other comics I have created. I did this because I felt that I always needed to compete with all the other comic books that are out there in the main stream. Being an independent, self-published creator, I saw this as must. I’ve come to realize I just need to focus on what I think will look best. In this case, it’s inked artwork only and me working towards more pop and sizzle on my linework and storytelling. Seriously, I have no business coloring comic books.

Getting more detail in my artwork. I’m increasingly fascinated with my interest in the last year to add more “drawing” in my comic book art. I find when working digitally, I feel I have a certain “safety net” when I draw. This has translated into feeling like I can actually take more risks when I draw. So I’m working on adding more tones via linework or some type of hatching effect to my drawing. It’s an exciting phase in my approach to drawing this comic book.

Painting. I enjoy painting as well. Especially since 2018 was a huge turning point in my painting once I started painting exclusively on my iPad Pro. Talk about a game changer. As a result of that game changer, part of my focus for this series is to also produce paintings based on The Realm Ethereal characters and world. Coloring the comic book pages felt like painting, but it really wasn’t painting. So mentally, coloring the comics became a chore. Which slowed things down quite a bit. So cutting out colors will speed up my output.

I’m quite excited to start drawing more pages as I’m now going to focus on some real drawing and storytelling. I’ll save the color for my paintings. See on the next page.

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