The Dreamer and The Dreamed 1 [12]

Since shifting the style of this series to purely black and white, I’ve really come to focus on the drawing aspects of this story. I have to say, it feels quite liberating being able to focus on really just the drawing and rendering. I’ve reserved any color work for the full color paintings I turn into art prints.
I had a reply on a forum after I posted the last page and stated my reason for making the shift. The reply on the form was that the series would somehow be “harder to prefer” in “B&W.” I thanked the person for making the reply since they really seemed to like my coloring on the comic book pages.
When I stated my reasons for not wanting to color the series anymore, the person applauded my efforts and stated they would continue to follow my work anyway. That was a good feeling, knowing that I would still be followed after making the decision to alter the look of the art for this story.
In that moment I realized that as much as I want to make “good art” that people will enjoy, the only thing I really should focus on first is just make “good art” that I can enjoy. If I don’t enjoy making it, it’s going to show. For the most part, the art style I’m working with here is more of an experimentation.  By the way, the first person who can identify which artist I’m, ahem, emulating and responds to this post first in the comments section below, I will send you any print from my art store…absolutely free 🙂



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