The Dreamer and The Dreamed 1 [13]

Is there an echo in here…echo in here…echo in here…?

Okay, so Casia throws the first punch. Although, if you go back to page 9, it sure does seem like Kor may have technically thrown “the first punch”. I”ll let you decide.
As the story progresses on from this point, I’m hoping to really push the series and give it more of a feeling that seems dreamlike and perhaps even more nonsensical. In fact, I think the last 3 or 4 pages have really started to look visually different, if not nonsensical, yeah? I have the story and a visual narrative only I can see in my mind’s eye. I’ll be honest, this is a work in progress. Every page I pump out for The Realm Ethereal seems like it might be getting closer or going in the direction of that visual narrative.
As such, I’m ever-striving to push myself to take my own storytelling to greater heights. The decision to go to purely black and white in the artwork has placed me in a better mental state for gearing up for each page. I can’t stress how much that shift artistically has taken me to a new level.

The excitement is back.


Till Monday,

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