The Dreamer and The Dreamed 1 [15]

Return To Color

As this first story arc of The Realm Ethereal draws to a close, I’ve had a change of heart for the artistic direction of the series. After making posts online to www.digitalwebbing.com and www.penciljack.com, I’ve heard and listened to the requests to bring back color.

 And I’m glad I did!

 Consider this from Joseph Dredd over at penciljack.com: “The colouring makes this piece, IMO, and is absolutely necessary. I’ve never before seen colours used so effectively to convey something dreamlike and strange.”

From digitalwebbing.com, vinbat writes: “The colors are absolutely beautiful! Why the change to black and white, will they be colored eventually? Don’t get me wrong, the inks are great too! But after seeing the potential with those colors in those first few posts, it is harder to prefer B&W.”
Also from digitalwebbing.com, theman_fayth writes: “Hey, this looks really great! And the colors are fantastic! Great Job, Rene!”
In the spirit of sharing my work online with like-minded artists and fans, in essence my tribe, I’ve been brought back to my senses and will now offer this series in full color. Thanks for the feedback and getting me back grounded into the creation of this series.

Onward and upward.

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