The Dreamer and The Dreamed 1 [9]

This one is wee-bit late, and I blame it on having an absolute fun-filled vacation getaway with my wife to Maui! Yes, it’s true we tried to actually do some work while visiting for the entire two weeks we were there.
We succeeded to a certain degree. I actually had problems with my software running on an older PC laptop. When at home, I am working on an iMac. While it’s true I make the bulk of my artwork on my iPad Pro, I do all of my heavy duty editing on the desktop Mac. While I was able to work on a few client projects and respond painfully slow, I was able to get a little bit of art in. But not enough to satisfy either my client work or my own personal work.
But that’s OK, because it was a vacation as well and we both still managed to have fun despite internet connection issues, hardware constraints and–wait for it–actually trying to have FUN!! (Which we did and I’m not sorry for at all!)
At any rate, this latest page is up and I’m ready to jump back into the fire and start cranking out more consistent work. Thanks for your patience. Onward and upward!
Many cheers,


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