The Realm Ethereal: Introduction Story

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Welcome to The Realm Ethereal!
My name is Rene Arreola and I am the creator, writer and illustrator of this cosmic fantasy story. For those of you who read the “Sneak Peek Introduction” story, you will find this is the same story but laid out differently. In fact, it is now entirely set up similar to a printed-page format. The initial reason for the tall, thin vertical style format in the initial release of the sneak peek introduction story was the brief idea I had about creating this series entirely as a vertical style comic book. Specifically this meant creating all the artwork for a tall, thin or narrow format especially conducive to viewing on smart phones.

I like that such an app as Webtoons exists, wherein stories are created specifically for the devices they will be most likely consumed in (hand held mobile devices.) But, as an artist, and as a comic book artist specifically, I much prefer creating pages in the traditional layout. From here on out, we will call that “traditional layout” the printed-page format.

There are two main reasons I produce my comic book art in the printed-page format:
1)    I grew up reading print comics (sometime in the mid to late 80’s!)
2)    It’s just easier for me to illustrate and pace my stories in the printed-page format.

Even though I work entirely digitally these days (except for certain, special art commissions), my approach is still what I would do with pencil and paper. Working digitally on my iPad hasn’t changed my storytelling process. It’s only helped to speed it up, which is a huge advantage when working in a digital workflow.

Those who know me personally who are reading this know I have a 20-year background in commercial printing as a graphic artist and digital prepress. My love and appreciation for print is biased, but I truly believe in crafting my stories and content for multiple outlets, both online and in print. The plan is to release a print edition of these stories for sale once a certain number of pages have been released.

Feel free to leave comments below, as I’d love to receive feedback regarding the stories, art or anything else you’d like to share regarding The Realm Ethereal. My initial plan is to release a new series of pages each week. If you subscribe to my e-mail list, you will definitely receive e-mails of new page releases.

If you really want to get ahead of the page release schedule, you may want to check out my Patreon. Patreon is a way for fans of my work to support my efforts here creating this work by pledging as little as $1.00 a month. In return you are given various rewards (depending on which pledge tier you select.) One of the rewards are early access to previews and works in process of artwork I am making for The Realm Ethereal. Here is the link to my Patreon.

Thanks for reading.
Much love,

The Realm Ethereal cosmic fantasy space adventure Patreon


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